Letterhead & Envelop Design
Business Card Design

Letterhead, envelope and business card together compose Basic Corporate Identity System. All these items marketing materials which are required for business representation, which are the most important step toward creating a great first impression with every letter you send and every card you hand over. An identity package should make your prospect easier to understand what you do, the quality and value your business offers. If you want your business to be taken seriously by your target clients, a company letterhead and envelop are valuable for this purpose.

Besides, your clients can easily identify where the correspondence comes from when they receive it and in its retrieval, too. And your business card tells people how to find you and says something about whom and what you are.

There are several requirements that need to be created for Basic Corporate Identity System design:

  • The company or individual is clearly identified.
  • Contact information is easy to find.
  • Design reflects the client's personality.
  • The pieces in the package work well together and have a unified or coordinated design.
  • The letterhead design leaves ample room for the letter itself.
  • The envelope meets postal regulations (placement of return address and other design elements).
  • Personal contact information for business card (name, appointment, contacts).

We can create for you simple or complicated design of letterhead, envelope and business card for professional typography print or for printing on your office printer whether you need.

If you want fresh and innovative, conservative and traditional, or quirky and creative look for your style - we can do it. Even if you have a tight budget and you need services of professional designers to underline your uniqueness - we can do it also.

Here you can see a few examples of our works.

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